Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

Right before the Potomac Primaries, I felt like offering blowjobs to people who would vote for Clinton instead of Obama, but I was too busy with work to post anywhere.

I was depressed by the results, and ended up hooking up with a guy, but sitting in his Cathedral area living room, I saw he was a selfish jerk, too self focused, demanding, and wanted more of a slave than a lover. SO when he said he had to run a quick errand and asked me to join him, I used this as a chance to skip out and try my luck elsewhere.

A few blocks away, after he caught a cab, I popped into a bookstores. Bookstores have been my refuge, I now realize, and a place for good eye candy. And remarkably, this was a golden opportunity.

I was probably glowing from my basic makeout session earlier, or maybe I exhibited a horny scent or appearance, but for whatever reason, a visitor from HK approached me to ask about DC guide books. I showed him a few and started to chat him up. I asked him about Edison CHen.. I mean, I had to. He was from HK, he must have had some opinion.

And he did. He was pissed at Edison. And he sort of said something, I can't recal what, which gave me the impression that he liked the CHen cock pics more than those of his girls.

I told him I hadnt seen the pics, and in a move out of a textbook, he invited me to his hotel where I sould see them on his laptop. So he bought the book, and I bought his line. Th=e best pics are below... and more on what we did in a few minutes:

Looking at his pics, sitting in his hotel chair, he excused himself to use the bathroom and came out completely naked. This was my kind of guy. "I hope you dont mind that I made myself comfortable," he said.

I dont mind at all, I relied, and I can see that Edison should be envious of your size and girth. Now all we need is some soul music, like that of Khalil FOng.

HE HAD IT on his iPod and the hotel room had am Ipod clock radio to play it on

I stood up and stripped everything off. I was already hard. I told him that I would really like to re=enact the two pictures below. So I lied down on his bed and he straddled my cock, began to suck it, and look up at me (see edison pic below)... more later...

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

norther korean futures

the future of north korea

some other fun items

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Where do i Join the Foreign Service

A guy at an embassy turned me on to the video below of an embassy resident. Where do I join the foreign service??

Speaking of foreign service, or servicing foreigners, I recently had a date with .. well let's be discreet and just say a guy. Purely smooth, very horny, a great kisser. We met at a party and he got a little buzzed. He brought me back to his place with a classic view of DC and commenced kissing .. sloppy and arousing. I think it pushed my top teeth back in a way my orthodontist would have liked. We then moved to his bedroom, stripping named, closing all the lights except for the illuminated view out the window, and cuddling under his comforter. Kissing continued and proceeded to oral and nipp play. Licking his nipps drove him wild and I could feel his body react and shake as i would not relent

"Stick it in," he whispered.
"Stick it in," he repeated.
Well that was a unique way of saying it.
It was funnier to hear given his accented and buzzed recital of it.

"Fuck me. Do you have a condom?"
Actually I did, in my wallet. And luckily the expiration date was cool. (It wasnt from high school)

I moved down to focus on his balls and shaft, and rimmed him for a bit til he was wet and moaning. He rolled the condom down my cock and, on his back, grabbed his knees and pulled them to his chest. "Stick it in" he repeated. With those words, I felt my cock stiffen even more, as if there were ten levels of stiffness, and I had just reached level eleven.

SLowly I began to penetrate him. He grimmaced. I stopped.
Are you okay, I asked.
Yes Yes... he replied.. just go slowly.
I did.. slowly.. slowly.. imperceptibly slow.
But I couldn't. I could tell he was in pain.
"I think you are too thick," he said
No problem, I replied. Let's just cuddle.
Within a few minutes, condom still on me, he was asleep in my arms, as we spooned, and a minute later, I had passed out as well.

As dawn broke, we awoke, and he began to kiss me (BUT I HAD NOT EVEN BRUSHED MY TEETH!) but he did not care. We played more, but having only one condom and having used it already, we focused on j/o. I would like to say that he came like them man in the video above. But neither of us did. Instead, in the half sleep-half awake morning woody state of a Saturday morning, I stroked and stroked him until I felt the pre-cum gushing from his uncut cock. Stroking him with a harder grip, goosebumps freckled his skin, and I felt him stiffen even more and was privy to feeling his cum shoot through his tubular penis, like water through a firehose. My grip loosened and even more shot out, having been held back by my hand like a dam. He rolled over, and we fell back to sleep til 9.

Note to file: i need to take the foreign service exam.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Senator Craig... entrapped

Don't you just love the media and the Congress and double standards. Was the Congressman with the prostitute told to resign? Nope. Was Barney Frank who placed his renyboy on the payroll kicked out? Nope. But Senator Craig is quite the hot Idaho potato this week with top GOP members calling for his execution... i mean.. resignation. Talk about gay panic in the men's room. He should have checked first. I would rather have the media talk about police entrapment in victimless crimes. Why are cops staking out toilets? Is this 1950? Thank god cute cops are working the airport men's room to catch masturbaters... and not catching those pickpockets and other airport thieves.

I highly doubt the GOP would be calling for his resignation if they thought another Republican would Not take his place. (yes, yes... i know that he has been convicted of a misdemeanor, and thus can not be a Senator after a conviction)

Speaking of entrapment...

A few weeks ago I was on the Mall after hitting the Sackler gallery for a show. Sitting on a bench. Reading a copy of Fortune. When a guy approached me and asked if i had the time. Cute guy. I couldn't tell if he was ABC or Korean. Time? I replied. (of course u know i am going to use the old joke)... "Time for what? For you, I can make the time."

"No no.. ," he smiled... I mean the real time, on a watch. "Yep,, 2:15."

"Thanks," he said, "Although I wish it was 4:20"

hehehe... i laughed. I don't partake, i told him, but i am happy to hang out with people who do.

Plop. He plopped down next to me and asked what I was reading. We began to discuss one of the articles. Turns out he is a summer associate at a local firm and just in DC for the Summer. Chit chat ensued and continued, from law, to school, to DC, to Summer plans -- skirting the main issue.

"Where are you coming from or going to?," I asked. "The Natural History museum? The Korean Show?," I asked.

"How did u guess?," he replied.
"Just lucky, I guess."
Speaking of luck," I continued, "do you have dinner plans?"

He paused.
He smiled.
And we made plans to meet at 7 in duPont Circle.

At 7, I arrived at the restaurant. He was already there.. punctual, a nice trait. and he sat at a table outside reading a book.. Ayn Rand.. The Fountainhead.

Uh Oh. what had I gotten myself into? "Ummm.. interesting reading material" I said.

He chuckled. No.. he wasnt like the book's main character he assured me.

We proceeded to chat, and order and eat.

Afterwards, he invited me over to his place. When we got there, I noticed some books on architecture. "Are you sure you arent like the architect in the book?," I asked.

"Only in bed," he replied. And with that, he pushed me down on his couch and began to remove my shirt. Within 20 minutes we were both down to out shorts and I could feel his hardened cock as it grinded against my stomach and thighs while we kissed.

Nice couch.. nice cock

"I have to take a shower," I told him. I was feeling self conscious from the Summer heat and eating outdoors.

"Fine.. we could shower together," he told me...
and with that.. he stood up -- boner protruding from his boxers.
He slid his boxers off, and pulled my shorts off with a swift tug. He led me by the hand to his bathroom and turned the water on.

We showered together, his cock swatting against me as we each took turns under the shower head. He began to shampoo his hair, and I offered to rub it in. He allowed me, and I gave him a scalp massage..
He moaned.. He began to rinse his hair and there was so much lather, that a waterfall of shampoo and water gushed down his smooth body and formed a riverlet on his wide chest between his rather large nipps.

I so needed to suck on those.

We dried off and headed to his room and bed

We lied next to each other and laughed. Unsure of how to proceed. Naked and slightly damp, our towels on the floor

He told me about a case he was working on (nothing secret though, just in vague terms).. and I sucked his nipps... I moved to the treasure trail. His lower calves were slightly hairy; which was a great turnon. As i sucked him and took his cock deeper into my throat, he started to play with my butt with his big left toe. Unusual. hehe.

I could taste his precum.. He was generating a lot and moaning

I flipped and lied on my back and told him to glide his moist cock against my smooth chest. I propped my head up against his pillow and told him to fuck my mouth and throat til he needed to cum. I wanted to feel his scrotum and balls slam against my chin. He straddled my chest and grabbed his headboard, and slowly penetrated my lips, and moved in deeper and then deeper. Soon he had a regular rhythm, moving in and out of my mouth, sliding deeper down my throat. I held his hips and caressed his stomach. This gave him goosebumps. I could feel his cock stiffen and grow even harder.

He could take it no longer and quickly pulled out from my mouth and grabbed his shaft with his right hand.. He pulled out so fast that he fell backwards and nearly straddled my dripping dick with his butt, but my raised knees stopped his fall. And then he shot like there was no tomorrow... 5 or 6 long streams of cum splattered against my chest and neck and chin, and nearly hit my lips. He groaned, he moaned, and he fell to his side like a beached whale. Melville would be proud.

Hehe.. he was like Ayn Rand's character.. cuz he never serviced me.. he was spent and fell to sleep, as I wiped his cum off my body with a moist towel.

We ended up meeting two more times and then he fled the city.. back to his law books.

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Can I Help?

After the massacre at Virginia Tech, I thought, the perpetrator lived close to DC, maybe we crossed paths. Of course, he would not be in the chat rooms I frequented, but I wondered, what if I were there to chat with him. Could I have changed his attitudes? Could I have saved him from himself?

These thoughts are naive, I realize that. Teachers, family, clergy, physicians, therapists, drugs, roommates, classmates... none were able to crack him open, get him to speak or express himself. How could I?

Maybe I wished I could have helped, maybe it was a delusion of grandeur, a superman complex brought on by a recent successful seduction.

Be careful what you wish for...

As it was once said, god does not give you what you ask for directly, but she gives you the opportunity to do what you want. And so it happened.

A recent intern at a friend's office befriended me and asked for help with his career search. A tall white guy, he had recently graduated from a DC area college. Sure, I offered, I have some time to help out. We met a few times to work on his cover letters and resume at a local Starbuck's, and he called me a few times to ask for interview advice.

But as the weeks progressed, I noticed that his emails to me became more frequent, and the words a little more unusual. He was developing a crush on me. The emails started to include complex poems, too creative for my pea sized brain to understand. I decided to meet him one more time for a mock interview. It was then that he told me that he was taking a medication to control him anxieties and depression and mood swings, and that he had taken a semester off during college to try to control his illness.

And so god sat back to se how I would react. of course this guy was no killer and nothing like the student at Virginia Tech. But here was my opportunity. COuld I help him? Could I draw him out of his illness and depression?

Of course not. It is an illness and of course I realized that, and I knew that I was more concerned about breaking this friendship and removing myself from his sphere of mania.

So, I am sad to report, that I continue to help with his job search, but have maintained a very distant relationship. Apologies to my delusions and desires and dreams, but reality crept in and I saw my true nature of self preservation.


Saturday, June 09, 2007

Two Ships Pass in the Day (and Night)

For several weeks and months, as I have walked to my Metro station in the morning, I have passed a cute looking man walking in the opposite direction. He is thin, Asian, with flat, shiny below-the-shoulders hair. We have made eye contact several times, but never said a word. Because I leave at the same time, relatively, each morning, and I usually pass him on the same block nearly each day, as I walk South and he walks North, I know that he is not using the Metro, and probably lives close by.

Who is he? Where is he walking? What is his destination? Do I dare inquire? Or is he just a fragrant flowering bush that I should appreciate each morning like a Spring blossom.

As I walk with my iPod running or a cleared mind numbing, I have fantasized a few times about where he is heading. Does he work around here? Is he taking a class? I wonder if he is enrolled in one of the English language schools in the 'hood.

And then it happened. You knew it would. It was no surprise. It was bound to happen. We were both in line at a kiosk one morning. Not only were we both in line, but he was directly behind me.

"Good morning," is how I greeted him. (I wished that I was telling that to him at 6 A.M. as we woke up in his bed.) "Good morning," he replied.

"Are you a coffee drinker?" I asked, "or do you come here for the muffins." "Neither," he replied. "I do not drink coffee, nor do I eat the muffins. I am here for the croissant." (he had an accent).. perhaps i was right about the classes.

"The croissant? How international," I replied.

"I am here in DC for the semester," he said. "I am international. Actually I noticed you nearly every week as I walked to class, and I sort of wanted to tell you one day, tell you that I like that green tie of your with the black circles."

"Oh, you noticed that one??," I replied, "I get comments about it at work a lot. When I wear it with a black shirt. Thanks for noticing." I realized that he was noticing me just as much as I was noticing him.

I told him, "I also noticed you frequently, and was envious of you and your hair and they way it reacted so freely to the wind as you walked up the street each morning."

By this time we had gotten and paid for out breakfasts. How should I continue?... I thought.

"I am glad I finally got to say hello to you," I said.

He replied, "I wish we had done it sooner; I leave in two weeks since the semester is ending."

"Well," I asked, "would you be interested in meeting me after work? Let me take u to Adams Morgan or around DC, before you leave. Let's have an adventure?"

"Great," he replied; and we exchanged email addresses.

That evening we met at the kiosk (an easy place to remember), and headed to Asams Morgan for Ethiopian food. This was followed by conversation and drinks, where I told him of my work, and he told me of his adventures and degree and why he was improving his English in DC this year. The conversation steered to music and anime, and he mentioned how he missed a certain tv show.

Come on! Was this a planned statement on his part? Was it some sort of seduction technique? Whatever.. I took the bait and told him how I had cable and received that channel and show. He was welcome to drop by. And he did.

We headed back to my place, and he made himself at home. He took a beer from my fridge, and then another, and we got the show on-demand. Sitting on the couch, and after his second beer, we moved closer, and closer still, and then our knees and thighs were touching and neither of us moved away. I knew it would lead to this since, as we walked from Adams Morgan, he repeatedly bumped me or side swiped me, to get a feel of physical contact.

My hand moved to his knee, and then his thigh, and by the end credits, we were down to our t shirts and cuddling and touching on the couch. His hand slipped to my waist and crotch and he began to stroke the zipper of my jeans. I mimiced his movements and he got noticeably aroused and began to relax more and moan softly.

We moved to my darkened bedroom, removed out t shirts, and explored more to the hum of my a/c. This continued for another 45 minutes, and then he asked me to stand on floor to the left of my mattress. he lowered my briefs. he lied on my bed, facing up, with his head off the side of the mattress, facing me. He stroked my cock and placed it into his mouth, upside down. I waondered whether the blood would ruch to his brain and flood him into a delirium. But this did not occur. He continued to give me oral, although a few times he used too much teeth and I winced silently.

Standing off the side of the bed, as he sucked me and massaged my balls, I watched as his cock seemed to get bigger and thicker and throb with each glide his tongue took down my shaft. I was too aroused, and leaned over him. My cock slipped deeper into his mouth as I leaned over to lick his nipps, his stomach, his treasuer trail, and to his throbbing penis. I gulped it between my lips and began to 69 him. I tried to coordinate my sucking with his sucking of me.

It was too good and I was getting close. It was either that feeling of impending explosion or another toothy glide that made me withdraw from his warm wet sloppy mouth.

I needed to rest and recover, and to turn down the a/c. Afert a few monuites we were getting sweaty and we continued to play.

Why didnt we talk earlier, I kidded him. We could have been playing all semester. But we made the best of the time we still had. We fell to sleep in each other's arms, still naked, still hard. When I awoke, at dawn, he was stroking me lightly, both of us were still naked. He reached down for his jeans which were splayde on the floor, and took a condom from his wallet. He unwrapped it from its packet and wrapped me in it. It was red. It was tight. I was hard.

He came prepared and took out a bottle of lube, and applied it to the condom and to his cock and butt. I laid there, half asleep, and watched as he sat on top of me and slowly lowered himself onto me. He balanced himself by placing his plams on my chest and began to bottom for me.As he straddled me, he slid himself against my abdomen. His strategy was to jerk himself off against my smooth stamach while sliding my cock in and out of his ass. It was too good and I began to press my hips into him deeper. I grabbed his cock to stroke it, but he held my hands down against the bed. It was like a rape by a btm guy.

As if by divine intervention, as my alarm buzzer went off, he began to ejaculate onto my stoach and chest, overshooting my left shoulder. The sight of his massive explosion and his long hair and bangs hanging down were too verpowering and I came within 10 seconds of his finish.


We showered, dressed, and met five more times before he left. What a great finish to the Spring.

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Why I will Boycott Chinese Embassy staffers on the Down Low

I am embarrassed as an Asian American that as the world unites against the Sudanese regime and its genocidal murder of blacks in Africa, that the supported of the regime is the Peoples Republic of China and its PetroChina corporation. Does China really believe that it can host the Olympics in 2008 as the blood of Africans drips from its hands. I would love to produce an ad with the Chinese symbol for shame and embarrassment, and then underneath it write my personal feelings of shame to be Asian while my brthren in Beijing allow murders to continue for oil, and support the devils on horseback, the Janjaweed, to exist.

CHINA BUYS 70% of SUDAN's OIL. CHINA SHIPS ARMS TO GENERAL BASHIR. CHINA is building Susan's new Presidential Palace, while the Arab Sudanese kill their black brethren.

My friends and I were planning to visit China in 2008 for the games. Now we will not. We shall boycott the games and any ancillary products from the games.

I call upon the of America's most influential Chinese Americans, Dr. Ho, I.M. Pei, Yoyo Ma, Lang Lang, to tell the emabssy that this must end.

Dear readers. Please contact your congress members and tell them that there must be a no fly zone in the Sudan. Please help me to embarrass the embassy prior to the 2008 Olympics, and please please, withhold sexual favors from embassy staffers on the down low until they clean this taint on Asian pride.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sometimes Lunch in the Park is Priceless

I had meetings near MacPherson Square the other day and was walking to an office early in the morning down K Street. Up from the bowels of DC, or at least a Metro exit, came a jewel of a guy, dressed in business casual attire, walking briskly, and carrying a cylindrical container. What was he carrying? A tube of Quaker oatmeal?

I quickened my pace to keep up with him. I walked nearly side by side with him for half a block, and saw that it was not oatmeal, but tinker toys that he carried. How could I stroke up a conversation (Freudian slip, I mean strike one up)? Perhaps they were toys for his children?

“Do you get to play at work?” I asked him as I strode alongside him, shoulder to shoulder.

He turned to look at me as we maintained the same pace. “No, I am working on a team building exercise at work,” her replied. Cute guy, nice voice, I observed. We continued walking, hip to hip, and wanted to ask, “Could I come and play as well?” But I didn’t. Instead I asked him more about his team and creativity and how I wished my colleagues would learn to play nicely together. We talked for another block, and I reached my destination. “This is where I get off,” I told him. Of course, I was hoping he would pick up on my double meanings, but he did not. “Have a nice day,” he said.

“Yes, yes,… see you in my dreams of next lifetime..,” I thought in my head. He continued down K Street and I watched him for a block, wondering home much further he had to walk and how much sweat would glisten down his cheeks.

So, not all my conversations result in a date.

At lunch, I decided to walk to Franklin Square and experience the Sun for a quarter of an hour. Heading down Eye Street I was passed by a hot guy. He passed Au Bon Pain and I caught up to him at the corner waiting to the traffic light. Standing behind him, I took note of his stylish leather shoes, probably Italian and square toed, his jet black gelled hair, his very thick rimmed eyeglasses, and his large bubble butt that his gray glen plaid suit barely could contain.

We crossed the street and my mind freely wandered and I quickly forgot him (he looked sort of like this person, but with stylish glasses). But it turned out that he was standing behind me at a takeout sandwich shop and ordered a nearly identical pork sandwich and bottled water. He was this cute man with the intense eyes? I couldn’t be sure. He looked like a cross between a law associate or oil lobbyist. Or neither.

I headed to Franklin Square park and picked out a bench near a lonely duck that was smartly hesitant about begging for crumbs. And who sat at the next bench? This mystery man.

“Hey,” I said, “great minds order alike. We both got a similar sandwich.” So we began to chat, mostly about this peculiar duck. Now I know what you are thinking. Did I proposition him, etc. Read on. I am not as slutty as I may seem.

It turns out that he was neither a lobbyist or lawyer. He was staying at a hotel on the corner and in DC for Aidswatch, a day of Congressional lobbying, specifically for earlier Medicaid funding for ill people. It made sense to me. But then why wasn’t he on Capitol Hill? Hmmmm.. Well he was taking a break to check out of his hotel. We exchanged cards, and I told him I would check out his group’s webpage and learn more about the issue. And if he needed a tour to give me a call.

So. Some days just end in chats and cerebral connections. But the quests for companionship and unbridled pleasure continue.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A example of Internet Mob Mentality after Virginia Tech shooting

The internet can be a scary place. I will not even start with why the news media identified the shooter as a tall "Asian man", as if that is some sort of indictment. Would they have have a Latino man, a Southern man, a Middle Eatern looking man? Well.. maybe they would in our American culture where everything is based on race.

But the internet MOBism jumped on this clue and indicted an Asian student who loves guns, Wayne Chiang. Everyone on the internet thinks that they are a detective, and he did recently break up with his amazing looking gf, loved guns, and lived in a dorm.

He received death threats (even though if he were the killer, he would already have been dead)

But now the murderer is identified as the Senior English major, Cho Seung-Hui or Seung Hui Cho. Now everyone will blame Koreans or Korean culture. Also the news media has emphasized that he is an immigrant, a permanent resident alien; I suppose this is a secret code that means that American society, American gun laws, and the fear of mental illness are not to blame. Rather it is the immigrant culture that is to blame. And so it goes. In terms of race in the past week, first there was Duke (white vs black), Imus (jerk vs black), and the spokesmodels of Jesse Jackson (Hymietown Jew York City), and Al Sharpton (get white interloper retailers out of Harlem neighborhoods)...., and now Virginia Tech.

I think I will just watch cartoons here in DC, and turn off the news

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Rudy.. first 9/11 and now this

I was in Nyc rhis week, but made it back to dc b4 the snow. One night we left the client's office early and a friend told me he had a ticket he could not use to a political fund raising dinner. Did I want it? Who is it for? Rudy in 08? Well.. it is a free dinner, even though I find him sleezy, but then again. who isn't?

So I, along with my cynicism, made it over to the Sheraton for the Rudy Giuliani fundraiser and campaign event. The lobby was filled with a gaggle of 18 yr old high school students on their way to a bway show. I only spied two future drama queens hehe.. All Southern and pasty white

Speaking of pasty white... the lobby was also filled with silver haired Republicans, most of them with American flags in their lapels. Oh how people love to wear their patriotism and affiliations on their lapels. I, coincidentally had a white shirt with red and blue stripes from Zara, so I sort of fit in with the theme.

My table was a pleasant one, we made chit chat, talked about politics. No mention of Iraq. No mention of the Atty General. No mention of Scooter.

Bingo. I finally spied a nice Asian guy in a navy suit. A little uptight, slightly hot, slightly nerdy, perhaps tasty,

I made my way up to his table before dessert and introduced myself. What brought him here? I will leave that part out.. but we had some laughs, talked about work, the NCAA's. What did I have to lose? I asked, "Hey, didn;t I once see you at a Log Cabin party?"

Silence. He just smiled... I am just toying with you, I added

The party favors were a Rudy baseball cap and plastic cup (tumbler). (Speaking of tumblers, did I mention how their was a whole truckload of firefighters in the ballroom near our table in full firefighting gear)

I said, Look at the firefighters.. Something must be on fire. Defintely not Rudy, but maybe it's you, he said. This time, I was the one who smiled.

Can I be forward?, he asked. Was he going to ask me out?
Can I have you Rudy 2008 baseball cap?
Sure, I replied.. on one condition.
That you also take my plastic Rudy cup and fill it with your tasty liquid lust.
Silence and I smiled.

Sounds hot, he said, but how?

Let's head up to another floor, hit a men's room, and do the deed.
And so, hats in hand, and cups in tow, we zipped out of the main ballroom and figured how to go to an upper floor where there was an unattended quiet men's room. The I unbuckled his belt (Hugo Boss) and pants (not sure of the brand). He was already hard and uncut. I stroked him over his underwear, feeling the outline of his cock from the outside of his shorts.

Hold the cup, I ordered, and I proceeded to quietly lower his underwear as I sat on the toilet seat, and stroke him with my hands and lips. His cock grew warmer from the attention and as a droplet formed on his head, I just stroked unidirectionally, downward, right hand after left had after right hand. As his smooth, mostly smooth, thaighs tightened and he shifted his feet, he bent his knees a little and began to thrust in and out of my hands. He placed the cup into position and POE, filled it with four long streams of creamy love. Not bad. Almost enough for a jigger,.

I took the cup, placed it on the floor, patted him dry with some toilet tissue. He lifted his shirts and pants and buckled his belt.

Mind if I drink from the chalice? I asked.. Be my guest, he replied.
(I didn't.) I washed and dried the cup, he took both cups and hats, and we parted ways


Saturday, March 10, 2007

My luck continues at Bookstores

Last weekend, I was browing the stacks at a bookstore near duPont Circle, wasting time, looking at bookcovers, looking up to see if there was any eyecandy. I spied a cute guy looking at a copy of "Mississippi Sissy" by Kevin Sessums (sp.). It is the autobio and partly recreated story of a young man facing life tragedies and his effeminate ways in rural Mississippi in the 1960s and 1970s.

How many Asian guys browse books about sissies? How many cute Asian guys do this? Perhaps I was in luck.

I made my way over to that stack and stood near him, picked out another books, waited to see if he would make eye contact with me. He didn't. Grrrrr.

I would have to be more aggressive. He was engrossed in the book. I spoke up. "How do you like his writing? I think he writes for Vanity Fair?"

"Yeah," it says that on the back cover, he replied.

"It sounds like it is a classic Southern story," I continued, "I think his father died, then his mother died, all before he was a teenager. And his mother supported and cultivated his sissyness."

"Yeah," he replied.

Can I take a hint? Nope. Now it became a game.. a competition. I was going to make him show some interest IN ME, DAMMIT. Maybe just as u can;t take food away from a hungry dog, you can;t distract an avid book reader from his paper-and-ink prey.

"I have to admit," I added, "I really don;t know what differentiate a southern novel from a non-southern one."

His eyes met mine, and he explained, concisely, what the southern genre and the works of Tennesee Williams were like, and what made them 'Southern.'

"Excuse me for prying," I said, but do you have a Mississippi accent?

"No," he said, it's more Georgian and Cajun.

"An Asian Cajun?," I asked. "Would that be a Cajsian?"

"Not quite.," he replied. But a good try.

"So I guess you are not a Mississippi Sissy?," I queried.

"Like I said, I am not from Mississippi," he said smiling.

"Hmmm... I think I will need to process the potentially covert meanings of that reply. If you want to know on which page the author writes about his interesting masturbatory techniques, let me know, I'll be over in Business Books," I said, and then walked to another section.

I wasn't playing hard to get. I was just leaving the door slightly ajar in case he wanted to pursue me.

A few minutes later he appeared in the Business section. "Hey," he said. "Hey," I replied with a big grin. "My name is xxxx", I added. "What page was that?" he asked.
Actually, I told him.. I am not really sure. I only heard about the book and how he discusses his parents' deaths, the murder of his mentor, as well as how he likes to jerk off.

"Hmmph," I replied, "I was curious if there is a way I do not already know about."

"Well," I said, "I am sure you know several ways. There probably isn't too many other ways you probably did not already try. Maybe we should compare notes, some day."

What do they say in RENT?. he asked. Don't they sing that there is 'no day like today'?

"How could I say no to such an endearing Southern accent?," I replied.

"Are you scared to be seen walking around with a southern sissy?" he asked

"Not quite." I said.

To speed the story along... we walked around the hood, got two lattes, and walked some more. He invited me to his place in Adam Morgan. I told him how I like his place. Did he hire a decorator? NO WAY. He did it himself. I liked his colored accent wall.

He looked a little like a member of this boy band. The guy on the left, with a tony bit of delicious love handles.

"Let's compare notes" he said.


"Notes. compare notes. Remember you said we could compare notes."

Oh yeah. I said. But maybe it is better to show each other than just to talk about it.

He pushed me from behind, pushing my shoulder forward into his bedroom. He pushed my down onto his bed, I lied down on my back, and he started to take off my socks, my sweater, and unbuckle my belt. He was one HUNGRY sissy

I began to undress his as well, and soon we were in our underwear. But I am skipping one illuminating moment.

What's that? I asked.
Oh, he said. I wear this for protection.
Are you Mormon?
No, it is Catholic. It is associated with the Virgin Mary.
So in addition to his thin corss that dangled from a light thin chain, he wore an extra sort of waist underwear.
He removed it

Let's compare, I said, but first, I just have to check your chest. It is amazing. And I begin to kiss and caress his chest, and the pic here shoes u what developed.

As he nipps hardened, I looked down his treasure trail, and watched as his cock began to harden as well. Nice. Very nice. I worked my way south.. and reaching his wasit, I slid off his briefs. He slid off my boxers. I was hard and already no longer contacted by and peaking out from the slit opening in my striped boxers

We were both naked, and aroused. Now we could show and tell.
SHow me how you do it I told him.

He was on his back and lifted his knees and spread his thighs and began to stroke up and down with his right hand. I carressed his shaved balls with my fingers and lips as he proceeded.

Okay, I said. Show me another method.

You first, he replied.

So I straddled his torso, and began to stroke with my left hand and then glide along his stomach and chest.

Your turn.

He got on all fours, butt in the air, and stroked with his left hand , and touched his cheeks with his right

Your turn.

Hmm.. do you have a banana skin, I joked.

Instead I borrow one of his pillow and slid myself between the pillow and his comforter making a smooth, butt like, trail that I thrust in and out of.

Nice, he said. Can you do it more like a piston. I tried.. faster and deeper, while he massaged my back and stroked himself

More later...


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Happy Lunar New Year

I came up to NYC for new year's to see some friends, shop, and eat some good dim sum. I took a discount bus, and listened to my iPod and napped for the ride. But mostly, I was so horny: hard then soft, and hard then soft again. for no reason whatsoever. maybe it was the motion of the bus, or some expectation. no one on the bus was hot, sadly, so there was no one to fantasize about or attempt to seduce.

After hanging in Manhattan, I was told of a party of Gam's that was taking place in the afternoon. Some friends were going, so I decided to join them. I expected 40 guys in a loft, but it turned out to be more like 140 guys in a huge loft space.

I knew it would be a fun party when i noticed this sign near the basement door.
There was a good mixture of hot and average guys, and a fully stocked bar and bartender. In case you didn't know it, some Asian guys get drunk quickly on their first or second drink. So, a good many of the guys were buzzed which made for good conversations, and a lot of touching while chatting.

I chatted up half a dozen guys, and then spied a very hot, well muscled guy in a red t-shirt. I am not going to lie. I checked him out, and even a blind man would notice that he was hung under his jeans. The bulge was unavoidable.

I inched my way into the circle he was chatting in, and joined in the banter. I pointed out how we were both wearing red, but how his shirt top was more flattering. Yeah, he replied, there is nothing better than a flattering top. Ahhh... a good start to our banter.

We chatted about new years plans, skiing, work and vacation ideas for 2007. When I told him I was visiting from DC, he invited me out for dinner in Chinatown. YES! My charm was having an effect. Maybe I would actually get to see what was under that shirt.

After a few more drinks we were ready to head out.

On the way to Chinatown, he asked if we could stop at his place first, since it was cold and neeed to grab a hat. I actually had an extra hat, but I kept my mouth closed.

He lived on the 5th floor. No elevator. So by the time I entered his door, I was breathing heavily (well.. not too heavily). He offered me a drink. Why not, I said, Chinatown places are not going to serve alchohol. We toasted the new year with a red wine. I made my move. As he put the glass down, i touched his forearm lightly and thanked him for showing me a good time.

I can't remember what happened next, but he touched my forearm, I put down my glass, and we began to kiss, and then kiss deeply. We moved to his couch, and I carressed his red shirt. I felt myself getting hard, wondering what would happen, wondering what he would be like, wondering what we would be like together.

I pulled his shirt off over his head, and began to massage his shoulders and kiss his neck. As he reached for my sweater, I began to unbuckle his belt.

Fifteen minutes later we were naked and on his bed in his darkened bedroom. But it was light enough for me too see his monster cock.

He straddled me as I was on my back and I throbbed in joy as I felt his cock and balls on my chest. He was easily 8 inches and uncut, and precum had formed a small pond around his head. I propped my head up with a pillow and took him into my mouth. But rather than slowly have him enter my lips in three or four gliding, swallowing motions, I took him all in the first glide. I nearly gagged. I thought I would not breathe as he closked my throat, but the slight fear turned to pleasure as I began to suck him off using no hands. He moaned lightly and thrusted deeper into my throat.

I shifted my weight, and he plopped over onto his back and I continued to suck him as he lied on his back with his knees apart and bent. I held down his shoulders, placed his knees over my shoulders, and moved up his body. His butt cheeks parted as I focused on his balls. As i licked and sucked, his low hanging balls began to tighten and move up, and his ankles, as the sat on my back started to pull me up towards his chest.

My mind wandered. What a fabulous way to start the new year. We kissed and rested and stayed hard against each other, cock to cock. I felt his - throbbing and wet. It was warm; I realized his bed was next to the radiator. We were sweating, and a pool of out weat mixed and formed on his sternum. I used it as lube to stroke him up and down as he moaned.

He grabbed his knees with his hands and pulled them up to his chest. "Do you have a condom?" he whispered. "I need to feel you deep inside of me."

No. I left them in my bag at my friends' place. He rolled me over and started to suck me. I felt his stiff gelled hair against my thighs and stomach. It was great, I felt harder than I had in months. Neither of us had condoms, so he said, "we can do more after dinner, we'll go to a store on the way back from dinner." I smiled. I like the way you think, I said.

He grabbed my cock and started to stroke it with his. The wine, the heat, the sweat... I was panting, he was moaning, and then he erupted.. six long shots, two over his head. Amazing. He stopped stroking and I beared down and stopped myself from exploding. Why?, he asked. I told him after that geyser, I wanted to save up and wait til after dinner. More on this later


Quickly, Here is what happened later... We wentto dinner and had some Pho. Afterwards, I naturally just headed back to his place. Actually, I had left my scarf there which was a good excuse to head back. I stopped in a korean market to buy some gum. That was my ploy, I actually bought some gum and condoms. We got back to his place and I asked to use the bathroom. I peeked into his cabinet and saw some WET lube, a small bottle, relatively new and unused. I pocketed it. As I left the bathroom, I saw that he had gone to the bedroom and had alrady passed out asleep. hehe

Oh well.. I got undressed, undressed him, and just spooned and quickly fell to sleep also. he did wake up for a milisecond and kissed me good night, and then we were both fast asleep and naked.

Around 3AM (according to his clock cd radio), I was roused and aroused. I was awoken by the feeling of him sucking on my cock as I slept. drowsy and horny, I emitted a peculiar moaning that I did not know I had within me.

I noticed that he was hard as he sucked me, and a drip of precum had formed on his head. It glistened, even in the dark room. Or maybe I just imagined that. I played with his balls with my toes. This only made him suck me faster and deeper. he placed his hand on the back of his own head to push his head further down into me. I hate to do this, but I took it as a cue and grabbed the back of his head so that he sucked me deeper and I could feel him gag a little on my cock as it ventured deeper into his throat. But he liked it.

I said, wait wait..

He stopped. He looked at me, eyes met eyes, and he said it. He wanted to feel me in side him.

I told him I had actually bought some condoms, and we rolled one on me. Actually he put two on me. He said it would let me fuck longer and it made him feel safer.. that was cool with me, since I hadnt cum in several days and felt I would explode with suck force, that I could rip through metal as well as a condom. I took the borrowed WET lube from my jeans and lubed us both up.

He placed his knees to his chest, and i felt like a plane heading up a runway for a perfect landing. I slid in so peacefully and easily. Maybe there was too much lube, but it felt great for both of us. I slid in and out.. deeper and deeper, and he moaned and his breathing got harder. I was lasting longer than usual. Thankfully. and precum was dripping from his cock onto his stomach, and i slid on it like ice, as i penetrated him with thrusts. CUm in me he said. I want to feel your cock as it explodes. That was no problem, since i could not stop myself by this point, and I felt my balls, which had been slapping against his butt begin to tighten up.. There was no stopping it... I began to moan faster.. He placed his hands against my chest. My nipps were so hard. He propped himself up on his elbows and kissed me. I felt goosebumps, and then began to shoot. I felt at least 6 long streams shoot from my cock. Thankfully the two condoms held up, and I saw he had sprayed and ejaculated all over his chest as well as mine... I big drip was between my nipps and dripped down to my sternum.

I fell to my back, exhausted.

In 15 minutes we were both asleep, anked and spooning, til morning.

What a great trip

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

DC Metro Not So Bad

I was on the DC Metro last week, sitting and reading. It was late; not many people in the car. I looked up. An older white man was sitting across from me. Probably a banal Bush Administration low level appointee loser. I notice that he is staring at me. Not only is he staring at me, but he is touching himself under his coat and winking at me. I nearly vomited. Who the f does he think he is. I cursed at him, wished him a horrible painful future and changed cars.

In the next car, I sat down. Mad. A guy across from me smiled and said I looked like I was just in a fight. My face was red. I smiled back and told him what had happened. I sad to my new neighbor... "do you think he would do that if I were white or black?.. I don't think so. He f''ing thinks that he can do that cuz I am yellow."

Oh. did I mention that the guy I was talking to was also Asian? he was.

He agreed. and we chatted more.. and more. It turns out he was visiting from Philly on biz. He invited me out for a drink. I agreed and we shared a drink and conversation.

After 90 minutes, I told him I had to head out. And he invited to come by his hotel. Hmm.. why not? It would erase the crap feeling I got from the Metro incident. SO I headed back with him to his hotel room. Yum. not only was he smart and talkative, but he was well hung with a forest of pubic hair

We didnt even take off the bedspread....

My hottest memory... was the way he lightly flung his jade necklace to his back so it would stop bumping into my balls as he sucked me off. So as i looked down at the back of his head and smooth back, i could stare at the smooth circle of dark green jade that was centered on his spine. The image is tatooed in my memory. I can imagine Proust himself seeing a smooth circle of jade, like a madeleine, and remembering things past.


Sunday, December 31, 2006

Mystery Books can lead to Mysterious Meetings

I am in NYC for New Years, and was wasting time before dinner, when I happened upon a Manhattan mystery bookstore that was in the midst of closing up due to rent increases. The shelves were nearly bare, the aisle was crowded, the feeling was comfortable, and the prices were 50% off. I began to browse. I am not a mystery fan, though I do like cop shows on tv. But for 50% off, I picked up a copy of Suki Kim's book about a court interpreter who must try to solve the mysterious death of a Korean corner grocer.

I recalled meeting her once in a Brooklyn bar, so it can't hurt to read her book. With book in hand, I looked left and saw HIM. A hot guy, Korean, thuggish, browsing the shelves. Tasty eye candy. he had a mystery in his hands. Sounded bloody.

I moved closer. How to open a conversation? I opened with, "At 50% off, I feel an urgency to buy some books. "Any recommendations?" Not really, he said, "you might want to ask the clerks at the register." Ouch. he burned me. I kept browsing. He looked a little like this, but his lips were slightly less pouty.

I kept browsing the spare stacks. When I noticed the thriller in his hand, I decided to make another attempt at conversation. It was a thriller about a promiscuous gay auctioneer.

I walked up next to him. He turned and went to the other side of the store.


I browsed some more and headed to the register, where I bought my book and a cool tote bag. And guess who was behind me in line? He.

I paid and left. I began to walk North towards 110th, passing street vendors with pre- New Years horns and hats, and a couple of SRO's with some less than safe looking residents hanging at the doors. Suddenly, that guy spoke up. He was behind me, with his purchase, also heading north. "I saw you bought "The Interpreter," he said. "Yes," I replied, "There are so many Korean grocers, I thought she might have some insight into their lives behind the counter, and I like to support new asian authors."

"Do you aspire to be one?" he asked. "No comment," I replied with a sly smile. "I mostly aspire to write porn," I added.

"Well, you know what they say," he replied, "write what you KNOW about." I said, "Gee, good comeback. I wonder what you would write about? hehe. I would love to write more porn, but it is so hard to find good experience upon which to base my stories."

Damn, at that point he got ready to turn and head another direction than I. He said 'bye, enjoy the book' and then paused and added, 'speaking about experience, i think i have a book you might like. are u in a rush? u wanna drop by my place? i will give it to you as a new year's gift."

I am in no rush, i replied. we headed down the block.

I love to see manhattan apartments. it is amazing how people can fit an entire life of possessions into a small overpriced room. his was small but fastidiously clean. and by small, i mean his place was small, he was decidedly not small. when he removed his hoodie and down vest, i saw a massive arm.

i guess he saw me gazing at his arm. he offered me a drink. "Just water, please" He poured me a water from a pitcher in his fridge, and he poured himself a red wine. "tap water is fine for me, no need for a picther." i said. "Oh.. i like pitchers," he said. Hahaha.. yeah right.. i bet you do.
We sat on his couch and drank. "So where is the gift you have for me?" I asked. He put down his wine on a small end table, and straddled me as a sat on the couch. "Here is your gift," he said. We smiled. We laughed. I grabbed his waist, took his drink with my left hand, and finished it in two gulps. Putting the glass back on its coaster, I tilted him over so that he was lying on the coach and slid next to him and began to kiss.

God. NYC is great! After 30 minutes, he was without clothes, and posing on the couch

It was a fun pre-New Years gift, and a great way to spend an hour. One prob. I forgot the book there. Oh well.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Nyc for Xmas Shopping

I really have to move to NYC. I was walking around the day after xmas, and saw several Asian cops in their dress blue uniforms. Very hot. What was the event? It turns out the NYC's Police Department held its cadet graduation on 12/26/2006 and graduated 1.359 new rookie cops, eight percent of whom are Asian. It was the city's most diverse class of cadets. Okay.. let's see.. 8% of 1,359.. means 108 Asian cops... means about 80 new Asian male officers hit the streets on the threshold of the new year.

Speaking of shopping in NYC.. I was at a department store in NYC and it was mad crazy and packed with people taking advantage of a half off sale. The sales would end at 12 Noon, and the cash registers (or just plain registers since no one uses cash anymore) were coded to stop the sales at Noon. I tried to find a dressing or changing room. There were none to be had. So. No one knows me here, why not just share one. So I shared one with the guy in front of me in line. He was trying on pants. So was I. Off came his belt, down went his pants. 2xist was his chosen waist band label. I asked him if he thought that one pair of pants I tried on was a good fit. He said that although the waist fit, the crotch looked tight. I lifted my shirt higher to show off my stomach skin. I said, "really?"

He stared at my crotch. He wasnt even aware of it. He apologized and said that he usually did not have critical issues about guys' crotches.

I told him his (pants) were a good fit. He asked if I was trying to seduce him.

I said, Perhaps. Bt I added that if i Really wanted to seduce him, he would have already been on his knees and had me in his mouth, between his lips, already

He smiled. He replied that time was of the essence since the sale would be over. No prob, I said.. if 50% off a pair of Michael Kors is more importnt to you than my hot body, then so be it. The banter continued as we changed. At one point he purposely lower his underpants to show off for a milisecond. I could tell that he was aroused from our talk. we ran out to buy more.. And I never saw him again

Hmmm... Nyc.. a hot town. u Never know where u will meet a guy

Thursday, November 16, 2006

a reason to take evening classes

I thought I would take an evening class in NYC for skills enhancement or fun. and you never know who you can meet in a class. But a special fringe benefit is the use of the library which, at NYU, seems to be filled with a lot of horny guys, a lot of horny discreet Asian guys, and better yet, a smattering of horny discreet Asian guys who are polysexual, and don't care with whom, or what gender, they safely hookup.

So it is to Bobst Library that I went to study, actually study, or actually find some journal articles for a paper. I found a comfortable spot in the stacks, and just sat on the floor to read through some articles. But who knew that sitting in a stack could lead to lying horizontal in the sack.

Some guys played 'let's make eye contact' with me. And after 3 hours of research, a cute Thai American guy walked by my stack, and made a rather forward, or calculated effort to pass by me and my notebook. He could have easily cleared me, but made sure that he brushed up against me. Oh.. you are a sly one. Then he returned a minute later and asked if I had change for a copier. There is a change machine.. Come On.. Do I look that Naive? But I knew it was a ruse.

Nope.. no change, dude, I replied. Nothing in my pockets but my cell, my keys, a wallet and a couple of condoms. "Condoms?" he replied, and he smiled. "You come prepared."

"well, u never know what can transpire." I replied.

"Transpire or Perspire?" he said.

"Well, honestly," I replied, "I like to sweat more than I like to perspire, but it depends on with whom it is."

We laughed.

I bet your back hurts sitting like that, he said. "Yeppers, plus my legs are asleep, I think I might be paralyzed," I said. I added, "Speaking of which, I need a pee break."

I left my stuff in the aisle/stack and headed to the men's room. He followed. Cool.. very cool.

"Are you following me?," I asked. "Well.. I am pre-med." he answered, "and I can probably help your paralysis or fluid discharge."

Hmmm... which fluid is that. We ended up at the urinals, side by side. This I have never done. And he peeked over the barrier. Hmmm .. nice, he said. Owww.. that made me slightly hard, but I was laughing too much to notice.

"Step into my office," he said. And he opened the door to a stall.

We didnt have to be too quiet, cuz this floor and this toilet was desolate. But I was silent, as was he, at first.

Luckily I had on my 2xist underwear, black boxer briefs, so when he unbuckled my jeans, at least it added to the atmosphere and scene. (see below) He lowered my jeans and underwear to my knees. I was aroused. And he was right. He helped me with my discharge. On his knees, he grabbed my waist and stroked my thighs. What a great study break. He said he thought i would be like a pokky stick.. I definitely wasnt and he was happy.

I was sort of nervous. Would someone walk in? Was he planning to stop before I exploded. Are there security cams in the bathroom? Was he planning to swallow? Did I have garlic for lunch? My mind raced, .. the muscles of my thighs and calves tightened, .. my toes curled up.. I leaned back against the wall of the stall, .. my eyes felt as if they rolled up behind my lids, .. my gums tingled, .. I could feel some sweat on my spikey black hair (I used mousse that morning)

He was great. Talk about Death by Pad Thai.. i think i nearly died. after 15 minutes, or was it 25, I could take it no longer and this future doctor's bedside manner and skills were great. It was hard to return to my schoolwork afterwards, but I will surely study in the stacks on the weekends more often. (luckily the underwear was black, cuz the post coitus stain is well hidden

Talk about Quick and Easy Thai... He def was...

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Who knew the subway was a pickup den?

Hey from NYC. I was on the subway the other morning -- the express. There was a "incident" that slowed the trains down, and so we were packed in like sardines. This is not the way to start a morning. .. But then I took notice that I was squished back to back against another man, butt to butt, or butt cheek to butt cheek. Normally I would be oblivious to this, but after a stop or two, I noticed how his butt was swaying with mine. Holy crap.. He was frottaging me! As i swayyed t the side, his butt swayed with mine, and not just due to the train movement. He was purposely swaying with me and keeping in contact. So I swayed back. It was arousing. It was anonymous. I glanced at who he was by looking in the dark mirror like reflection in the tunnel windows. HE WAS a FELLOW STICKY ASIAN. Oh the gods were shining on me that morning. It was quite arousing and luckily I had my Tumi bag to hide my chubby.

He looked like this guy, except in a woll blend, charcoal grey two button suit. (I am quite observant)

Sadly, I got off (the train) before he did, so I never had the chance to trade cards with him. But I believe in karma, and hopefully we will meet again and who knows where it will lead.

I had to concentrate on world news and the election in order to get rid of my erection as I walked from the subway to the office. Honestly, I am thankful that I did not have my tube of WET in my bag, or I would have been tempted to stroke for lunchtime.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

a reason i need to study Korean

A clip from the gay Korean 2006 film, No Regrets. Also known as "Huhoe haji anha", by the director Leesong Hee-il. In this film a wealthy man becomes involved with a male escort (sort of like that evangelical preacher hehe).

Leaving the country orphanage where he grew up, Sumin (Lee Han) comes to Seoul to study art design. However, after losing his job at a factory due to layoffs, he finds himself working as a gay prostitute. Initially Sumin resists the advances of Jaemin (Lee Young-Hoon), who comes from a rich and conservative family that doesn’t accept his sexual identity. Eventually, Sumin succumbs to Jaemin’s advances. But after experiencing a brief happiness as very passionate lovers, like in most Korean films, Sumin and Jaemin’s relationship falls into problems.

another reason to revisit dc

excluding the hot guys at gallaudet, another eason to come back to dc in the springtime is to watch these guys paddle

oh,,,, a funny short of a future go go boy or a future guest on Ellen. please call me in 10 yrs.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Saving my money to place a bid

I will be in nyc on wednesday nov 8, to drop by splash, a bar, where a gay football team is going to auction off a baker's dozen of bachelors. I doubt I can afford the ones below. See you there. Maybe we can split one.

The great pumpkin rises in DC

I was in DC for Halloween, and made an effort to go out after work. I got invited to a party, but had no costume. But I improvised and looked sort of like a minister, or should i say priest, and a fashioned a large cross to go around my neck. I didn't expect much, but the party was pleasant and laidback. Then I started chatting up a guy who was dressed as a boy scout. It was a natural fit for a priest to chat with a petite scout. right? hehe.

He was quite interesting and was working as an Associate in DC. Things went well, although I could not see myself making out with someone in a scout uniform. Shades of sex crimes, if u know what i mean. Yechhh. Then we started to talk about film. It turns out we both love Oldboy, except for the squid scene.

Minutes became an hour, and after a few hours, we were both pretty buzzed. "Were you really a scout?," I asked. Yes, he was. an eagle scout, no less. Hmmm... what was your favorite merit badge? I stumped him on that. We started to come up with modern merit badges. There must be one for blogging and using google.

I wondered aloud if there was one for safe sex. Probably not, he said, since the scouts have severe issues with sexuality and have to stay clear of sex issues, even if they concern health. okay. i was buzzed. so of course, i asked, "Would you be interested in getting another merit badge this evening?" Hmmm. .. he pondered the question. He took a judicious pause.

"Well, my BROTHER," he said. He really liked chatting with me, and it would not be a lie, he said, to say that he did not get aroused at least twice during our conversation. (yes. i noticed) But he had recently ended a relationship 3 months earlier, and was still conflicted.

"No prob," I said. I was just asking cuz i am into you. I wasn't looking for a LTR, I told him. Just a friendship. And perhaps it is the alchohol that is talking.

We continued to talk. Bong. Time to turn into a pumpkin. He had to leave. I told him I would walk him out. You can help me cross the street (scout). Before we parted, we hugged. I thanked him for a great night, and the hug became a quick, light kiss on our lips.

"You know," he said, " I am a bad host. Would you like to drop by my place for a snack?" Sure. Okay. We cabbed it. He pointed out some of the monuments near the federal mall. I whispered to him.. I wouldnt mind seeing another sort of monument. We laughed.

I sort of fantasized the we could end up like the couple in this pic. He had a nice place. comfy chic. nice artwork. good taste. nice couch. we sat on the couch, our knees touched as we watched Leno. oops. I told him that I knew what it was like to break up, and I was cool with just hanging out. no pressure, no expectations. That's when he kissed me. And later, I got a tour of another Washington monument. And it was much tastier than the one in the federal mall.

I am going to definitely arrange more visits to DC. Oh, thankfully, he isn;t a Republican. Hehe

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Speaking of AOR - Assumption of Risk (from below)

Speaking of AOR amusements... I was in Chicago for my second time, and got bored, so went on a chat board. A guy invited me to meet up with him after chatting for over an hour, and so I met him at a Starbuck's. We hit it off relatively well, and he asked if I would like to drop by his place and hang out. Sure, I replied, and got a little aroused at the thought or the expectation of what he meant be hanging out. Suddenly it was deja vu. I remembered his building from an earlier trip to chicago. I not only remembered this building, but his apartment was the SAME apartment I had been in a few years earlier. Uh oh.. I thought. Can this guy be my prior friend's brother? cousin? lover? both? Am I in some sick porn fantasy? We proceeded to hang out... and after 20 minutes, he was hanging out even more so, if u know what I mean, and after another 20 minutes, we were both hanging out and he was gliding across me like a skater glides on smooth, cool, glistening, lake michigan, ice.
later, we showered together, and we each pinned each other against the shower tiles for a playful soapy "seconds" session, and i watched the shower water make sudsy streams across his back, as rivers of soap and water streamed down his back and legs, and, on all fours, a river formed a waterfall from the base of his spine to between a grand canyon of his cheeks. as we toweled off, i asked him, have you been in the apartment long? no, he replied. it is his friend's place and he is just crashing here for a month while his friend is in europe on business. oh i see.. it's a nice place, i replied. so ... chalk one up for me, doing two guys in the same apartment years apart. i cant wait to see if someone new moves into that place on my next trip to the windy city.

a very funny film

a very funny film that i can watch many times over. even though i am sticky, i would consider changing for the film's star.

a reason to consider law school

The lawyer on the right can go work on some promissory estoppels, but the google lawyer on the left.. hmm.. he makes me want to AOR (Assume sOme Risk) and enroll in law school to meet some of these hot Esquires.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

freak my nomics

It has been a while, maybe never, since this happened, but i was on the subway, reading a copy of Freakonomics when a nerdy, cute nerdy, Asian guy came up to me, and he asked how I liked the book. I am enjoying it, I responded. I really enjoy this pop economics, although I do not know how much of it is truly "Economics" in the formal academic sense. He chuckled, and we started to talk about various parts of the book.

My gaydar sucks. I admit it. I am missing it. I was just having a conversation. I was "out of touch."

But when we both got out at the same stop, our conversation continued. Did I have dinner plans? he asked. No. I responded. "Do you want grab a bite, I am really enjoying our talk about Economics." (did i mention that he a grad student) I agreed, but I hadn't gone to the bank and only had $8 and a condom in my wallet. I did not mention the condom, but I did tell him that I would have to go to the BofA ATM first. Wo! he said. forget that. Just come over and he will order in. Kewl. He seemed safe enough.

I will skip the details, but when I got to his place, and he switched on some music, I got a vibe that he was after more than just chatting. He invited me to relax and loosen my necktie. He wanted to change as well. Change? He did not only change. He did his best go go boy impersonation. Like the one below:

"Mrs Robinson," I said, "are you trying to seduce me?" Thankfully he picked up on the allusion to The Graduate. And I loosened more than my tie. To paraphraase our meeting, we never ordered food. But I got him so .. excited... that within 25 minutes, he overshot his headboard, and his other shots felt like bullets against my chest. Note to File: Grad Students have a lot of pent up stress under high pressure that, when released, make for a grand show.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Don't cry for me, Hanoi

Did you know that Anderson Cooper of Anderson Cooper 360 fame on CNN spent a good deal of post-college time in Vietnam? I know the there are many who make a big deal about Cooper's interest in Latin culture, but I tend to think he still has a strong appetite for Asian cuisine...

Speaking of Asian cuisine. I wish I had had the chance in Urbana to taste the cuisine of that Taiwanese stuf muffin, Steve Chen, of paypal and fame. Chen, dude, what is up with the two earrings? I like 'em, hottie. Of course, Chen, 27, with several hundred of millions in stock is not gonna give my scrawny visage a second glance, but, well, you can't blame me for fantasizing. Can you?

Final fantasy before I grab dinner.. hmm.. would be to be part of the sandwich of these guys. bon appetit. peace out

Morning Surprise on NBC Today Show 10/17

Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning with some wood and turned on NBC's Today Show. Raging. That is all I can say... When they interviewd the men from Cosmo Magazine's Top Bachelor's contest - one from each state.

And who did they interview?

Mr Washington of course, a hunk from the great Northwest.

Brian Wright, when you play with his ears, he gets aroused. That's what he says. I wonder what happens when you lick his... ?

Click below to see his video:,,702693_702877,00.html

Alex Kim, 21, Mr Minnesota, is no slouch. Ear licking also gives him a throbbing surprise. That's good to know Alex.

see his video below:,,702691_702717,00.html

Monday, October 16, 2006

LIbrary Notes

I stopped by the library on the way home. It is less costly than blowing big bills at Barnes & Noble. Plus you never know who you might see in the stacks. Some real pervs are at my library. Not as nice as Bobst at NYU, where at least there are some hotties. Speaking of hotties, I saw one at the takeout shop. So when I got home, all I could think of was this, below:

Weekend in NYC

I had an uneventful weekend in Manhattan (Oct 15-16). The weather was crisp and sunny, and there was a lot of eye candy in Central Park. There was a breast cancer walkathon with a huge contingent of Asian men and women from a Chinatown community center. There was a lot to gaze (gay-z) at, for sure. Then on Saturday evening, I was riding the #2 train uptown from the Village. The train was so cramped and squished. But I stood next two two very hot asian american guys. One wore a skin tight t-shirt that read, "these boy can swim." Did this allude to his swim team (he had quite the quintessential swimmer's body), or did he mean his semen and sperm? Hey, dude, your boys can swim on my smooth chest or face anytime u desire! His friend was even cuter, in tight, dark washed denims and upscale sneakers. They got off at Times Square, and I got off later on my own. I wonder if they headed to the Hyatt. Sigh. At least there was some minor frottage action when the train screeched to a halt

Speaking of frottage: I imagine that the two guy snext to me on the subway headed back to the Hyatt and did the following:

Foley Fallout

Is former Congressman Foley (R-FL) a rice queen? That intern to whom he sent those harrassing emails looks very much like a very cute (but at that time, underage) Hapa / Hawaiian.

check out this link:

My first post. Welcome

Welcome to gamTube, my selective answer to Google, youTube, xTube and other tubes. I hope you enjoy the site and my comments on my life as an average, friendly, sticky and not so sticky Asian American GAM. Thanks